🐶Matilda was in desperate need of saving on January 12th at the San Antonio Animal Care Services when San Antonio Pets Alive put out an alert for her on Dog Friendly SA. Earlier that week, one of their officers found her wandering the streets, so they rescued her and brought her back to their shelter. Since this angel has a substantial amount of healing to do, they needed a rescue to quickly take her under their wing. Lucy’s Team leaped into action to “Lend a Paw” and drove to ACS to pick her up.

We are now fostering her through God’s Dogs Rescue and have partnered with Traveling Tails to get her on the path to recovery. She is heartworm positive, emaciated, has dental disease—plus many more health concerns. However, she LOVES her food, so this girl gets to dine at the Lucy’s buffet all day. Bone Appetite!

Matilda has multiple health hurdles to conquer but has a champion heart and a fighting spirit about her. The glimmer in her eyes gives us hope to bring her health and happiness and surround her with love through this journey. She does not have an adoption link yet, once she is well enough, she will be looking for her FURever family. We want to make sure she knows that she is not alone in this. Follow Matilda’s journey as we continue Lucy’s legacy of giving back to this pup in need. Julianne with God’s Dogs Rescue said it best, “We can’t do it by ourselves, but we can do it together!!”




Matilda PUPdate

Matilda is getting stronger everyday! She finally made a sound, the cutest little “Awoo!” The Lucys Team & Traveling Tails Team are thoroughly enjoying her as her personality blossoms. The healthier she gets, the closer she is to having an adoption link through God’s Dogs Rescue!

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