Lucy's Legacy

Lucy and current El Rey FeyoEverything we do at Lucy’s was inspired by Lucy and everything we continue to do is to honor her legacy.

Pup Lucy Crowned El Rey FidoLucy herself was a rescue and served as the ambassador to the San Antonio Humane Society in 2011 in which she raised the most money for pups in need earning her the crown of El Rey Fido IX!

2023 Campaign benefitting God's Dogs Rescue


Annual Campaign to the
San Antonio Humane Society

Rescue Romps

Everybody needs a little R&R, aka, Rescue Romp! Our friends at the San Antonio Humane Society bring groups of pups from their shelter to romp in our park and play on the splash pad. It’s always an Arfin’ Awesome time watching these playful pups stretch their legs and catch some zoomies as they await their FURever Families. Click here to see the zoomies in action.

When you adopt a pup that paw-ticipated in a Rescue Romp, you will receive a free 10 Day Daycare Package at Lucy’s!

For more information on adopting from the San Antonio Humane Society, Visit

Lucy's Foster Pups

One of the many avenues of our Lucy’s Lends A Paw program is helping alleviate the strain on local shelters by fostering pups at our facility. This gives the pup the opportunity to play in our parks and be loved on by the Lucy’s Team while they await their FURever homes! We have PAWtnered with God’s Dogs Rescue to help save many pups throughout the years.

If you are interested in adopting, please consider visiting God’s Dogs Rescue.


Annual ACS Blanket Drive

Every November we collect fresh blankets and towels for the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services to help keep their furry friends warm and cozy while they wait for their FURever homes. With amazing support from our community, we fill the Lucy’s Van to the brim and deliver it to ACS on Giving Tuesday.

Glow Up Spa Days

Kens5 Forgotten Friends

Kens5 “Forgotten Friends” series showcases a dog or cat each week that has spent a lengthy time at an area shelter, just waiting for someone to notice them and bring them home to love. In 2023, we saw their story about Arcanine waiting 10 years for his furever family and partnered with Kens5 to pamper him with a lifetime gift of Spa Days. Since then, we have pampered numerous pups through the Forgotten Friends series, offering a special day to each pup that gets adopted.

God's Dogs Rescue

God’s Dogs Rescue visit us with pups in need of some extra love to help them put their best paw forward. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide a luxurious experience for pups awaiting their furever homes. From soothing massages to rejuvenating baths, every pampering session is tailored to ensure each pup feels cherished and relaxed. Our spa not only nurtures their physical well-being but also boosts their spirits, preparing them for the love and attention they’ll receive in their new homes. With gentle care and affection, we aim to make their journey to adoption as enjoyable as possible, because every pup deserves to feel special.

San Antonio Humane Society

Our devoted team takes great joy in pampering the pups from the San Antonio Humane Society as they await their furever families. With gentle hands and a loving heart, our staff volunteer their time to give each pup a special experience. We strive to uplift the pup’s spirit and prepare them for the journey ahead. Together, we make their visit at Lucy’s a time of joy and relaxation, ensuring they are ready to bring endless love to their new homes.

SA Pets Alive

When Covid hit in 2020 and the city shut down, it did not stop us from giving back to the pups in need. Texas Public Radio hosted a monthly virtual Yappy Hour bringing the dog-loving community together in a time of separation. We pawtnered with San Antonio Pets Alive to bring an adoptable pup to Lucy’s, where our bathers and groomers volunteered their time and talent to help the pup put their best paw forward and advocate for them finding their furever family.

In memory of Clemson and Lulu Seldner

The Seldner family generously contributed paid volunteer hours to the Lucy’s Team to help a local animal rescue in loving memory of Lulu and Clemson Seldner. Their benevolent gesture not only honors the cherished memories of their beloved pets but also embodies a commitment to making a positive impact in their community. Lulu and Clemson lived such a beautiful life and the Seldner family has memorialized their legacy by serving as many pups as pawsible.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

covid-relief-lucysIn 2021, Lucy’s paid forward 100% of our clients generous donations from the COVID-19 employee relief. $7,200 was paid forward across six local San Antonio animal rescue organizations, including San Antonio Animal Care Services, Animal Defense League of Texas, San Antonio Humane Society, God’s Dogs Rescue, Roxy’s K-9 Rescue, and San Antonio Pets Alive. Julianne from God’s Dogs said,

“I so appreciate everyone here who does so much for the animals here in SA and all of South Texas! We can’t do it by ourselves, but we can do it together!!”

Annual Puppy Bowl