Thank you for nominating Lucy’s as Best in Dog Boarding AND Best Groomer. We’re so thankful to have such a wonderful community who continues to support us throughout the years.

Now that nominations are in, it’s time to vote! If you think we are the arfin’ awesome best in San Antonio, cast your vote for Lucy’s until June 30th. To vote click here. Thank you so much for your support!

If you need a reminder of why Lucy’s is the best, here are some arfin’ awesome dog boarding and dog grooming highlights:

Dog Boarding:
More Spacious Suites
Raised cots and comfortable bedding for a sound sleep
Climate controlled suites for your pup’s comfort
Live Webcams in our luxury suites so you can see what your
pup is up to! (click here to see our webcams)
Interactive daycare is included in all boarding services so your pup will have fun all day and sleep soundly at night
Round-the-clock webcams available in all play areas
Walks 4-6 times per day in non-daycare yard for pup’s not eligible for interactive daycare
Discounts for multiple pups staying in the same suite
Superior care for your pup with our highly-trained staff
Staff trained in pet first aid and CPR
Free boarding for certified Foster pups staying in the same suite as your other boarding dog (please see our Foster Program for full policies)

Dog Grooming:
Highly-trained and experienced professional groomers specializing in scissor cuts
Full-service bath includes nail trim, ear clean and blow dry
Additional services include shed reduction treatment, teeth brushing, nail dremeling, therapeutic massage, blueberry facial scrub, PAWdicures and more
Discounted daycare when packaged with groom
External anal gland expression upon request at no additional charge
Reservations required for grooming
Current vaccination records are required for grooming services