Thank you to everyone who entered our Lucky Paws Facebook contest. Every single story was truly amazing and pulled at our heartstrings. Goose was titled the “Luckiest Charm” with 431 votes and won a $125 Lucy’s gift card and a $500 donation to the Weimaraner Rescue of Texas.  The title of “St. PAWtricks Pup” was claimed by Tidbit, with one of the best glow-ups we’ve seen, winning a Lucy’s $75 Gift Card. The “Cutest Clover” and heavenly sent pup goes to Pop, winning a Lucy’s $50 Lucy’s Gift Card. We hope you enjoy their stories just as much as we did.

Goose, the Luckiest Charm:


“Goose entered our hearts August 2021 when we saw pictures of him on the Weimaraner Rescue of Texas’s foster parents Facebook group. Not much was known about this sweet boy except he was extremely malnourished and covered in fleas and ticks. After rescuing him from living behind a dumpster in Laredo, volunteers immediately drove him to San Antonio because he was feared to be very ill.
Just seeing his pictures, we knew he was special and asked if he needed a foster home. Our family has fostered over fifty weims, and never allowed ourselves to be “foster-fails”, but Goose was different. He was gentle and patient with our baby and we quickly realized he was going to be part of our family forever. Goose and his Maverick are best buds and we are so lucky to have him as part of our family.”

Tidbit the St. PAWtrick’s Pup:

“This tiny, dirty, matted dog who could only see out of one eye due to her overgrown hair appeared on the Humane Society website, and I just knew I had to give her the home she deserved. Each day I spent hours at the shelter to be there for her until her stray search was over. I was there when she came out of her spay surgery, and I was there to adopt her the moment she was available. When she came out, she was shaved to the skin and nothing but bones. At only 7 pounds, she was severely underweight, and her ribs and spine protruded. However, with all her matted hair gone, her cute button ears were visible for the first time, emphasized by the halo-like cone around her head. Simply adorable. She was scared and needed a sweater to stay warm but was happy to be held. It was hard to believe she previously had a litter of puppies. Being so much smaller than my 20 pound dog, Nugget, we named her Tidbit! In the 4 months since her adoption, Tidbit has gained 2 1/2 pounds (increasing her body weight by 35%) and turned into a cuddly, fluffy ball of fur. Tidbit follows Nugget everywhere. They sleep together every night, love golf cart rides, and tag team to chase squirrels out of the yard. Each morning I am greeted with a wiggly bottom and puppy kisses. We often wonder how she survived on her own for the months she was a stray. If only she could talk….”


Pop, the Cutest Clover:


“Pop was found by friends in the neighborhood that couldn’t keep him due to having a cat. When we went to see him, he howled at my husband who fell in love and we brought him home. We took him to the vet to check if he was chipped. The vet told us he was dying due to a mouthful of rotten teeth, testing positive for heart worm, severely malnourished, arthritis and at least 12 years old. We decided to bring him home and love him until his time comes. While doing paper work at the vets, they put his birthday down as the day we were in the clinic, April 30. That is our daughter’s birthday who passed away now 27 years ago. Pop was heavenly sent to us. He has filled our home with laughter, joy and love. We have had him since 2018. He rescued us!”