Choose which pups you would like to receive service.

Select Breed Profile

If your pup hasn’t received services with Lucy’s Doggy Daycare before, you may need to select your pups Breed Profile. This helps us give you accurate estimates on the services you choose.

Select Package/Services

You can select one of your packages and customize it to your liking. Anything included or optional with a package selected will come at no cost, but you aren’t required if you would like to opt out. You can also add any one of our other services at an additional charge.

Choose an Available Appointment

The portal will connect with our system and find any available appointments for your pups. Availability is determined by comparing many aspects of your pup and the services you select against our groomer schedules.

Changing Locations/Services

If you’re having trouble finding availability, you can click on the event that says “No availability, click for options.” This will present you with the option to check other locations for that same day, change your pup’s service to a bath for better availability, or have that pup join our wait list. Please note that changing locations will remove any assigned appointments you may be trying to schedule for other pups in this reservation. All pups will have to be scheduled at the same location.

Make a Reservation