It’s no hidden secret how badly the stray dog population has become in San Antonio. The city shelter has seen record amounts of strays and surrenders in the last few years and rely heavily on the local rescues to help save lives. Juli Marchbanks is the Founder and CEO of God’s Dogs Rescue and is a trailblazer in the realm of rescue. She leads a humble team of angels, rescuing pups since 1995. They are located in Von Ormy, Texas, just south of Downtown, and have spread their wings as far as Canada in transporting adopted pups all across the nation. God’s Dogs currently have about 250 active fosters but could use 250 more due to the shelter capacity issues all across the city.

Meet Carla, she does HR work and recruits for a bank, but also wears a superhero cape. Carla is one of God’s Dogs’ Angels that opened her home to fostering and has cared for more than 100 dogs in just five short years! Looking back on how she got here, it was all thanks to a simple Facebook post requesting temporary fosters for dogs waiting for transport to their adopters or to an out of state no-kill shelter. This is a fantastic way to dip your toes into the pool and make a massive impact despite the short time period.

Carla fostered her first pup back in 2017 with San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA). Since then, she’s fostered for SA Rocks and then joined GDR’s family in May 2020. She quickly discovered the joy in fostering and has saved countless lives. Carla specializes in the high anxiety dogs that just need space and time. Those are her favorite pups, the ones who just need a second chance. There’s nothing more rewarding watching a fear-frozen timid pup realize they are safe in her care and blossom into a spunky, easily loveable pup. One of the nice things about fostering is that you volunteer on your own schedule and in the comfort of your home where you can still maintain a full-time job and make a difference for so many pups and shelters in need.

Carla is currently fostering a special pup named Zoe. Zoe was left in the care of Lucy’s, and her owner never returned to take her home. She was extremely nervous, on edge and began resource guarding and would need a different form of special care. Carla swooped in, angel wings and all, and was Zoe’s saving grace, taking her into her home, where she is now thriving with the one-on-one attention. Zoe is discovering that she is safe in this world and can learn to trust people again and will find a FURever home when she is ready.

Fostering dogs and cats helps prepare them for their forever families. Giving them a safe haven helps rehabilitate them physically, emotionally, and socially. Foster homes are the bridge between being alone and having a real adoptive family. There are foster opportunities for various amounts of time. You can apply for a short-term foster period that is 2-3 weeks, or even long-term that can be up to several months. Pups of all ages are in need, ranging from bottle-fed babies all the way to senior pups. God’s Dogs Rescue provides supplies like bedding, crates, food, and all veterinarian care the pup will need. All you need to supply is the love and guidance that these pups so desperately need.

Lucy’s Doggy Daycare is proud to continue Lucy’s legacy of giving back to pups in need through the “Lucy’s Lends a Paw” Foster Initiative! The goal of the program is to increase the number of foster families, which will in turn make more room at both shelters and rescue organizations, simultaneously creating a better experience for the pups by being with a loving family until they get placed with their FURever home. The “Lucy’s Lends A Paw” Foster initiative reduces the financial burden to the foster families and enhances the experience for the rescues.

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