Brutus is a handsome big boy waiting pawtiently for his new family.  Since July, he’s been having an Arfin’ Awesome time being part of Lucy’s Foster Pawgram. Brutus is a 7-year old American Staffordshire Terrier and enjoys his days fetching balls and giving kisses.  If you’re looking for an affectionate four-legged best friend to play fetch with, Brutus might be your match!

Read his story:

Life has been ruff for me lately but things have been looking up ever since Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa and God’s Dogs Rescue agreed to help me out. I’m part of what Lucy’s calls their “foster pawgram or somethin’ like that. All I know is it’s like a puppy pawty every day’ round here and everyone treats me like a king.

I get lots of love and snuggles from the staff, and they always remind me I’m the goodest boy. It’s pawlly because I’m so handsome. Actually, I’m almost pawsitive it’s ‘because of that. I’m seven years old, but I’ve been working hard at my summer body trying to land a family with all this ball fetching I’ve been doing. I’m told my name means ‘heavy, muscular’ in Latin, and I can’t deny that with my physique.

I haven’t told the other pups yet, but I think these Lucy’s people love me the most. When all the other pups go in for an afternoon nap, I get the whole park to myself. They throw the ball, and I go get it and bring it back to them. They start cheering and hugging me and telling me I’m Arfin’ Awesome!

Being top dog around Lucy’s has been great, but I’ve been checking the barking lot every day since the Lucy’s people said my furever family would be coming fur me. If it’s you that was looking for the oppawtunity to add me to your family I’m taking applications and will be interviewing for my ultimutt dog mom or dad – main qualipawcations include a good ball thrower and good kisser too. Adopt me today through God’s Dogs Rescue!

If you’re interested in adopting this handsome boy, please click here for more information.